1. Name

The Association shall be called “The Surrey Schools’ Football Association”.

2. Objects

The mental, moral and physical development of schoolboys / girls through the medium of Association Football.

3. Affiliation

The Association shall be affiliated to the English Schools’ F.A. and to the S.E. England Schools F.A.

4. Membership

Membership of the Association shall be open to Schools’ Football Associations in membership of the English Schools F.A. and within the county boundary area as defined by the English Schools’ F.A. together with any individual school approved by the Association.

5. Affiliation

The affiliation fee for each Schools’ Football Association shall be as determined by the Executive Committee and shall be payable on or before the AGM for the forthcoming season.

All member Schools Football District Associations must affiliate to the English Schools F.A.. The annual affiliation fee for each affiliated District Association and individually affiliated School shall be determined by the Executive Committee and shall be payable on or before the AGM for the forthcoming season.

6. Competition Entry Fees

The entrance fee for all inter District competitions, including the 7 a side, shall be £25.00 per team per competition.

The entrance fee for the inter school competitions for pupils shall be:

  • Under 10 and Under 11 – £10.00
  • All other ages – £16.00

The general administration fee shall be £10.00.

7. Closing Date for Competition Entries

The closing date for entries to all competitions shall published annually on the competition entry form. Entries received after this date will only be accepted by special approval of the appropriate competition committee and / or the Association Council. If accepted, entries will be subject to an additional administration charge of £20.00 see item 22.

8. Organization

The affairs of the Association shall be organized through the Association Council and any sub-committee as deemed necessary by the Association.

9. Management

The affairs of the Association shall be controlled by a General Council consisting of the following: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Representative from Surrey County F.A. Ltd, Representative of the Surrey Schools Games, Competition Secretaries & County Match Secretaries; together with representatives from affiliated District Associations. The quorum for Council meetings shall be five. The council shall have the power to co-opt.

10. Officers of the Association

The officers of the Association shall consist of: President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Representative of the Surrey Schools Games, Representative from Surrey County F.A. Ltd, Competition Secretaries, County Match Secretaries, County Team Managers, Disciplinary Committee Chairman.

11. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the second week of June. The following business shall be transacted:

  1. The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  2. Correspondance.
  3. The adoption of the Annual Reports and Financial Statements.
  4. The election of officers.
  5. The election of Auditors – as deemded necessary
  6. The election of sub-committees – as deemed necessary.
  7. Alterations to the rules.
  8. Special matters of which 21 days notice has been given and particulars of which appear on the agenda.

12. Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called at the request of:

  • The General Council.
  • Any four District Associations.
  • Any sub committee.

At least 10 days notice of any such meeting shall be given.

13. The Power to Vote

The power to vote at a General Meeting shall be limited to the Officers of the Association, one delegate representing an affiliated school, together with delegates representing District Associations – those organizing football for all age groups – two representatives, others – one vote. Proxy voting may be carried out through the Secretary if unable to attend.

14. Emergency Committees

Matters of urgency may be dealt with and determined by Emergency Committees consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and / or the Chairman and secretary of the sub-committee concerned, with power to co-opt.

15. County Trophies

Schools and District Associations winning County Competitions shall be entitled to hold the respective trophy for 11 months. It will be the responsibility of the trophy holder to:

  • Sign as having received the trophy in good condition.
  • To have the name and year of the winners engraved on the trophy and to bear the cost.
  • To ensure that the trophy is kept in good condition and to bear the cost of any damage sustained to the trophy and the rectifying of any error made in the engraving. To bear the cost of replacing the trophy if lost whilst in their possession.

16. County Medals / Certificates

County Medals or certificates shall be awarded to players of the winning and runner-up teams in all competitions as follows:

  • 11 A-Side competitions 16 Medals
  • 9 – A – Side competitions 14 Medals
  • 7 A-Side competitions 11 Medals

17. Expenses

Reasonable expenses incurred by the Officers of the Association in the course of their work shall be paid from the funds of the Association. Expenses of 40 pence per mile may be claimed for the use of a car.

Traveling expenses of players taking part in County trials shall be the responsibility of the nominee school or District Association whom the player is representing.

Players taking part in official County matches will be asked to pay their own traveling expenses when traveling direct to a match. In cases where a coach is required, the Association will be responsible for the hire of the coach and players will be asked to pay a contribution as well their own costs to and from the coach pick-up points.

18. Profits from County Matches

25% of the profit of any County match shall be paid to the Association staging the game.

19. Precedence of Matches

The order of precedence shall be:

  1. International Matches
  2. International Trials
  3. National competition matches – including matches which act as the preliminary sections of the National Schools’ Championship.
  4. County Matches
  5. County Trials
  6. County Competition Matches
  7. Inter-District competitions
  8. Inter-School competition – cup
  9. Inter-School competition – league
  10. Other matches:
    • Matches organized by Schools Associations, other than the English / Surrey Schools F.A.
    • Friendly fixtures – including those played on the “block fixture” system or at the discression of the appropriate sub-committee and / or the Association Council.

20. County Ties

County ties may be purchased by any player taking part in a full inter-county match or on any official tour.

21. Expenditure of Association Funds

Any single item of expenditure of £100.00+ must be sanctioned by the finance sub-committee.

22. Late Entries to Association Competitions

The Association reserves the right to refuse entries to competitions received after the published deadline. If accepted then a late entry fee of £20.00 per competition will be payable.

23. Alteration to Rules

Note: It is at times necessary to make certain changes to the rules in order to comply with subsequent changes of rules made by the F.A. and officially adopted by the English Schools’ F.A. at their A.G.M.